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Every vape pen in our lineup is a winner. Each one is designed to boost your wellness in every way possible, whether you need an extra hand with your homework or a good night’s sleep. Get your DJ Khaled on and keep winning, no matter what.

focus CBD vape pen

Focus 200mg

Tropic Thunder

Hitting that afternoon wall? Show those last few hours of work who’s boss with this concentration inducing blend. Sweet and citrus flavors keep you mellow and focused so you can get shit done.

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recover CBD vape pen

Recover 200mg


Whether it’s been a long workout, long day or long week, kick up your feet with this juicy formula to reset. This clementine and grapefruit blend helps relax the muscles and calm the mind. Ahhh.

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AM CBD vape pen

AM 200mg

Lemon Up

Big day ahead? Tackle it with this kickstarting formula. This citrus forward blend offers an exhilarating punch accompanied by a creamy texture to prepare you to seize the day. No matter what it has in store.

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PM CBD vape pen

PM 200mg

Blue Dream

You made it. You owned another day. This sleep promoting formula encourages faster and better sleep to prepare you for another vibrant day.

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