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Blue Dream CBD Vape Pen (PM)


The CBD vape for sleep. A literal knockout, Blue Dream blends the sedative properties of myrcene with the full-body relaxation of CBD to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Stop scrolling, start dreaming.

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The CBD and terpenes in Blue Dream feel like you body and mind finally got the memo that it’s bedtime. Physically, you’ll feel a sedation from head to toe, like you’re melting into your bed or backseat or wherever you need sleep. Mentally, you’ll feel a calm haze that blurs stressors and makes room for REM.


A nightstand necessity. A natural way to p.t.f.o. on a long flight or dreaded bus ride. One puff is about ⅓ mgs of CBD. Take a few drags and say sweet dreams to insomnia, anxiety, tummy-trouble, whatever keeps you up at night.


Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT), CBD Isolate, Terpenes.

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*This product does not contain Vitamin E Acetate.