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Blue Dream CBD Vape Pen (PM)


The CBD relaxing nights and calmer tomorrows. A literal knockout, Blue Dream blends the sedative properties of myrcene with the full-body relaxation of CBD to help you feel calm and cozy. Stop scrolling, start dreaming.

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The CBD and terpenes in Blue Dream feel like your body and mind finally got the memo that it’s bedtime. Physically, you’ll feel sedation from head to toe, like you’re melting into your bed or backseat or wherever you need sleep. Mentally, you’ll feel a calm haze that blurs stressors and makes room for REM.


A nightstand necessity. A natural way to p.t.f.o. on a long flight or dreaded bus ride. One puff is about ⅓ mgs of CBD. Take a few drags and say sweet dreams to insomnia, anxiety, tummy-trouble, whatever keeps you up at night.


Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT), CBD Isolate (Cannabidiol), Terpenes.

Vegan & Gluten-free

Lab Tests

*This product does not contain Vitamin E Acetate.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
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31 Mar 2021
Danira S.


22 Mar 2021
Great vape

It was great! The flavor was nice and it did was it claimed helped me get that good rem only issues sometimes it would leak

20 Jan 2021
Blue Dream Disposable Pen

I don’t have a great relationship with sleep - it’s difficult for me to fall before 2am and even when I do, I have a hard time staying asleep for more than 2 hours or so. I bought this disposable on a whim, and wasn’t expecting much, but was pleasantly surprised! The first night I used it, I took two puffs and I was asleep before midnight, stayed asleep, and woke up at 7am the next morning. That said, you’ll likely have a different experience, but I would suggest purchasing this disposable, there’s no harm in trying it out :)

17 Jan 2021
Justine L.
You’d be ****** if you didn’t buy this

Definitely helped me sleep a lot better and I don’t wake up as much and one hit of this after work and I’m definitely ready for bed thanks again guys you kickass 😈💕💕

04 Jan 2021
Salina D.

I love this one very much it really relaxed me.

25 Dec 2020
Cady C.
Blueberry bliss

Blueberry bliss is what this should of been called. Puffing on this while I lay in bed at night watching TV is one of my favorite parts of the day. There is very much a blueberry flavor to this which makes is very sweet tasting and less herby than the other vapes, so if that bothers you this might be the vape for you. This was the first vape that I smoked completely through and I was very sad when it was gone. Now I know to always keep this and the AM one I'm stock at all times.

One more puff to the rainbow.