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No treadmills or salads necessary. Hempbase makes wellness light and easy, bringing the life-changing magic of CBD right to your fingertips.

Grown in the USA

No Synthetics

Vegan + Cruelty Free


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The 411 on CBD

Blame the couch lock and stoner giggles on CBD's naughty cousin, THC.

Whether you're a newbie on the CBD train or a seasoned advocate, we're bringing you an insanely convenient way to fall in love with CBD, without any of THC's negative side effects. We handpicked the blends in each pen to soothe anxiety, jumpstart your mornings, relieve post-workout blues and elevate your sleep cycle.

Let CBD's versatile superpowers upgrade you.

Enjoy Hempbase vape pens

Our Products

Say thank u, next to anxiety, stress and inflammation.

To keep your mind, body and soul on point, we blended the creme de la creme of terpenes and phytocannabinoids in each of our products. Feel chronic muscle pain melt away like decadent butter on a warm piece of toast. Sleep like a freshly breastfed baby on Blue Dream clouds. Pour yourself a glass of champagne and let your anxiety pop with each fizzy bubble.

You deserve, babe.

A yogi in downward dog, cappuccino-clad Brooklyn bookworm, and chicken nugget connoisseur try CBD... No punchline needed, they all had a chill time. ;)

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Life is sweeter in color.

Not-So-Secret Stash.

Light, portable and quick, you don't have to hide your love for the good green when you use our colorful Vape Pens.

Take Care

You're the Rihanna to our Drake: our Vape Pens profess their love daily by nurturing your mind and body.

See which blend is best for you.

TFW the CBD hits

All the benefits of CBD — relaxation, stress relief, energy boost — without any of the groggy stoner side effects.