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Broad Spectrum CBD

High quality Broad Spectrum CBD oil is not easy to find. It contains all the beneficial chemical compounds and natural cannabinoids except for THC, which is removed during the final stages of processing the hemp extract. The benefit of broad spectrum CBD is that you can experience all the positives of the entourage effect without being concerned about drug testing or the legalities surrounding THC use.

CBD Isolate

If CBD is what you need then explore our mouth-watering CBD Isolate oil range. CBD isolate contains pure CBD (cannabidiol) filtered out from other cannabinoids and then winterized ❄️ to remove any lingering chemical compounds. Our Isolate CBD oils are independently tested, THC free, use MCT Oil as a carrier and taste incredible straight or when blended with drinks.

Cannabidiol Oil 101

Cannabidiol Oil or CBD Hemp Extract is derived from selected hemp varieties that contain high concentrations of cannabidiol and trace amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). This is vastly different from most medical marijuana products which are made from hemp plants cultivated for their high percentages of psychoactive THC. Cannabidiol is only one of over 85 cannabinoids presently identified in the Cannabis Sativa plant, current research suggests that it may help to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and aid in the treatment of anxiety and depression. Hemp seed oil gives users the ability to experience all the beneficial effects of CBD without any undesired psychoactive “highs“ that may result from high-THC alternatives.

Regular hemp extract use and consumption promote overall health and wellness by positively affecting the body's endocannabinoid system. The Cannabidiol and the other trace cannabinoids found in hemp oil stimulate the endocannabinoid system to encourage balance and optimal functioning. Hempbase CBD tinctures are specifically formulated to safely allow you or your pets to experience the natural benefits of CBD, without the side effects!

The effects and benefits of CBD Hemp Oil.

Everyone can experience all the balancing effects of CBD regardless of whether you are at peak fitness or suffering from medical issues. People of all ages can benefit from CBD's ability to aid and support the endocannabinoid system to naturally facilitate recovery and encourage improved general wellbeing.

Hempbase CBD tinctures contain an array of nutritious materials like omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, trace cannabinoids, and more. These dietary nutrients may help to support a healthy and complete diet and to encourage your body and mind to perform at their best.

Including CBD hemp extract into your daily rituals is easy to do and beneficial for maintaining health and promoting wellness. The balancing effects of pure CBD oil combined with the nutritional content of MCT will help ensure your body is taken care of and you're feeling your best every day.

Why Hempbase is the best cbd oil for sale.

At Hempbase, it is our singular mission to produce the best CBD tinctures for sale without compromising on ingredients or safety. We achieve this through the sourcing of high-quality, locally grown hemp seed oil and rigorous lab testing of all CBD+ terpene formulations and their effectiveness in ensuring a THC free natural hemp extract. By working closely with trusted industry partners and strict adherence to FDA guidelines we maintain the highest possible standards of Hemp Oil available. We actively seek product feedback and ideas from our passionate Hempbase community and use it to constantly improve our hemp extract. Unlike our competitors, we are transparent about our Hemp Oil ingredients and make all lab test results available for download. If you have any additional questions or concerns about CBD oil for sale, reach out via our live chat or contact page!

Hemp Extract FAQ

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Hempbase CBD drips are not intended to cure or treat any specific medical condition or health concern. Based on the customer feedback we receive, our CBD+ oil is a delicious, easy way to experience all the benefits of hemp oil – effectively. Our customers may use CBD extract for many reasons, including and not limited to, aiding in support of a sense of calm and general wellbeing and reducing inflammation or pain. Before considering trying CBD tinctures for pain relief, contact your health practitioner first.

Consuming CBD Drips may be able to aid in helping to manage your day-to-day stresses and in maintaining general wellness. Hemp oil tinctures are an effective way to feel the effects of CBD oil and can easily be consumed orally or sublingually as is, or mixed into your favorite beverages. Please consult your health practitioner before using hemp extract for anxiety.

One full dropper is our recommended dose of CBD oil. Our hemp extract is derived from organically grown hemp plants, naturally flavored and formulated to meet the highest food grade standards. To use – drop it under your tongue, mix it with food or into a drink, or even apply it to your skin directly!

All Hempbase cannabidiol oils are THC Free. Though still extracted from a cannabis plant, CBD oil doesn't lead to the same feelings of “high” or euphoria that THC or smoking marijuana cause. Instead, consuming hemp oil may help you feel relaxed and/or less anxious. The hemp extract used in our pure CBD oil tinctures is tested by independent labs to ensure it is of the highest quality and 100% safe – these results are available to download.

It's confusing right? Pure natural CBD oil, hemp extract, and hemp oil are all used synonymously to refer to cannabidiol oil. Hemp extract is specifically obtained from parts of the hemp plant known to have high concentrations of cannabidiol, which provides all the anti-inflammatory and analgesic benefits of CBD.

Hemp extract may provide relief to dogs (or other pets) who are suffering from ailments and help to improve general wellness. Research has shown that through interaction with your dogs Endocannabinoid System, pure CBD oil may reduce pain and inflammation, lower the severity of seizures, and help control anxiety. We would recommend choosing a lower strength natural flavored CBD oil and starting with a low dose initially.